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“Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action comes, stop thinking and go in.” - Napoleon Bonaparte.

London loft conversions

Building projects can be incredibly stressful. They cost a lot of money and involve a lot of different elements, different people, teams and skill sets. There are also a plethora of legal requirements you often need to meet. We understand that. Whether you are building or renovating your own home, residential properties that you aim to let out or sell to homebuyers or any commercial property, there are lots of pitfalls and obstacles you need to be aware of and trying to handle those on your own without the qualified and certified help of experts could be a massive waste of money, time, and resources.

If you are planning a construction project, no matter what stage in the process, look to us for expert guidance, skilled workmanship and results delivered in a timely fashion to a high-quality standard. At Constructum Code LTD, we offer our clients a full range of building and construction services. Our work is fully insured and certified in commercial and residential projects.

Based in London, we are one of the largest construction companies in the capital and take a progressive approach to our responsibility regarding the impact our building activities have on the natural, economic, and social environment. We are, therefore, fully committed to acting according to all relevant agreements, regulations, and legislation. This is important as many new legislations are being introduced as the government and all related industry agencies look for ways to improve the impact on the environment and help the country meet its emissions and climate change impact reduction goals. 

Loft design

Loft extension south London

Wood loft

Our Own Team of Fully Qualified and Certified Staff


When you work with Constructum Code LTD, you don't need to worry about a different group of people coming and going every day for the duration of your project. We have a dedicated staff that we train ourselves to ensure we can control the quality, timeframe, and consistency of any project we work on. The same team that works on your project at the beginning will work on it from start to finish.

Fair Business Standards and Practices

At Constructum Code LTD, we strictly follow fair business practices regarding our work, the people we work with and hire and the community we serve. We treat everyone equally about equality, fairness, and professionalism. We also expect all company representatives, suppliers, and employees to follow and comply with these strict requirements.

Our Services


As a one-stop-shop, we offer a wide range of services covering loft extensions & conversions, building & construction.

Who we are?

At Constructum Code LTD, we take pride in everything we do and believe we offer one of the industry's best construction and building services.
We can do this because we always keep in mind the four pillars of our work.


We are a company with strong values at the forefront of our minds regardless of what part of the work we are doing. Constructum Code LTD aims to consistently fulfil our obligations, develop long-term business relationships and offer the best construction solutions. We are confident in our experience and abilities to meet your needs from a construction company and exceed them and overdeliver.


As a construction company, we aim to fully maintain our leading position within the industry while constantly improving our deliverability. We will educate ourselves about and apply the latest innovative management methods. We will continue searching for new business areas to offer our services, expertise, and investment partners to align with and participate in business development processes.


Our vision for Constructum Code LTD will be fully realised through honesty, accountability, professionalism, quality work and practical solutions. All work we do is fuelled by these critical values.

Our Mission

Our mission as a construction company is to become one of the first businesses clients think to go to throughout Europe. Especially when they are looking for the use of advanced technology, guaranteed quality and deadlines that will be met.

Our clients say

House extension in South London
We are very happy of our work with Constructum Code. They build amazing House extension. 5 stars! 

Simon Brown, South London

Our Services

CCODE LTD are Loft Conversion Specialists

If you would benefit from having a loft conversion on your property, why not contact one of our team here at Constructum Code LTD. As this is the primary speciality we focus on within the building and construction industry, we are among the leading experts in providing the best loft extensions and conversions possible. Our rates are fair, and we will complete the work on time in a reasonable timeframe.


Constructum Code LTD, at its core, is a construction company through and through. We are general contractors who can provide a wide range of building services, both small and large.

tower bridge

Basement, garage, or barn conversion into living space.


Welcome to our premier service, specializing in the transformation of Basements, Garages, or Barns into exquisite living spaces that redefine the way you experience your home.

Home builders in London

Contact Constructum Code LTD Today

Whether you are looking for a complete home rebuild or renovation, an extension, loft conversion or simply a new fence around the perimeter of your property or garden, please don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing how we can help bring your vision or dream-building project to life.

From the moment you contact us, your project will have one of our experts managing your project from start to finish, and we will offer full access to our incredibly talented building contractors.

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